Rivera Certification

Due the lack of an independent institution that can guarantee the quality of the Peru Balsam that is exported from El Salvador, J Raul Rivera S.A. de C.V. has developed what it is called the Rivera Certification. This Certification is resumed as follow:

To guarantee that the Peru Balsam supplied by J Raul Rivera S.A. de C.V. is of a standard quality and that the product is accord to the analysis and parameters established by the USA and European Pharmacopoeia.

What the Certification offer
Guarantee that the product has a content of Cinanmein not lower than 45%. Guarantee the cleanness of the product. Guarantee that the product is free of any adulteration or contaminants.

What the Certifications include
• Identity Tests
• Purity Tests
• Test of Composition
• Filtration process
• Homogenization process

The tests are complemented by a traceability system that allow to detect where and why are the causes of any quality problem in case it is presented.